just a bit about me


OH, I'm so glad you stopped by! I love getting to know other people so I am glad you wanted to get to know me!

The most important thing you need to know about me is that I have an obsessive/addictive personality! I can eat the same thing for a few months, listen to the same music for weeks, wear my hair the same everyday and wear the same outfit over and over. This is import because that same obsessiveness has followed into all aspects of my life. I stick to things until I'm sick of it or know it forwards and backwards. I love that I am able to have an idea then be able to make it come to life, or create a 3D object from it! I am really inspired by the places I go and the colors around me, being creative is my number one, and being able to create is life!

I am a free spirit, always up for anything. I love trying new things and change doesn't phase me. I love my dog Alejandro, and my cat Love, more than life. I love learning new skills and pride my self on being a jack of all trades. I see my self living in the mountains by a lake one day and just gardening the day away. I love traveling and experiencing where and how other people live, but mostly I am inspired by the planet earth and how all things co-exist.