I am lucky enough to have my own art studio right on main street in the town I live. It's been a lot of fun to have a space to create and be creative in. Creativity comes from your surrounding so I try to surround myself with things I love, colors that spark my interest and of course art supplies on top of art supplies. I have kept my walls white because my taste tends be pretty eclectic and I don't want things to be too overwhelming. There is an accent wall I painted with a geometric shapes and then I lined the doorway and baseboards with different colors to represent the colors of an opal, which is my birthstone and I find that so fitting because I think of my personality in multiple colors. In the studio I have a space for my Mac to work on computer projects, a desk of large drawers that house mostly paper for when I do printmaking projects, another desk for screen printing and building other things, a place for all my plants, a dark room in the basement for coating screens, a wood shop, and a wall to showcase some of my current work.